Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


Each machinery or industrial relocation is a very demanding logistic challenge that requires the use of specialist equipment. Our company has extensive technical background that makes it possible to relocate both individual machines and entire production lines.

At work we make use of many devices allowing to lift and transport heavy and large loads and that make the industrial relocations much easier. For instance, we use Mobillift MORA C 100 and Hyster LH7 forklifts. If we need to place a load at a significant height, our GTH 5021 telescopic handler is a perfect machine for the job.

We transport large and heavy loads using a MAN TGX truck equipped with a car trailer and a SCANIA R 5000 trailer that is ideal for transport of CNC machinery, press brakes or injection moulding machines.

Our mobile workshop will do the job during larger relocation projects, such as relocations of entire production lines. With the use of our workshop tools we are able to carry out numerous works associated with assembly and disassembly of entire production lines. We also have transport rollers and specialist additional equipment such as high-precision levels, plane and cross-line laser levels, and more.

Mobillift MORA C 100

Maximum lifting capacity 10 000 kg
Weight of the crane 12 400 kg
Width 2290 mm
Length 4560 mm
Height 3380 mm

Forklift HYSTER LH 7

Maximum lifting capacity 7 000 kg
Weight of the crane 7 567 kg
Width 2290 mm
Length 4210 mm
Height 3200 mm

Haulotte lp15 aerial platform

Maximum lifting capacity 250 kg (2 persons + 60 kg)
Weight 5200 kg
Width 1,50 m
Length 4,10 m
Height with the arm folded 1,90 m
Maximum operating height 16,50 m
Range, horizontally 9,10 m
Height to the platform 14,60 m
Power source electro-hydraulic

MAN TGX 4,40

MAN TGX truck with a car trailer having a permissible GVW of 12,600 kg is equipped with a winch up to 16 t and air suspension. Its special construction makes it possible to handle 3300 mm high trucks.

SCANIA R 500 + Tiefbett

Scania R 500 truck together with a Tiefbett type trailer having a maximum capacity of 30 tonnes. The entire set is certified for transport of large-size loads. It is specialised in the transport of CNC machines, press brakes, injection moulding machines. It is possible to cover all goods with a tarpaulin.

Mobile workshop

A mobile tool shop is used during large relocations and installations taking place in new, unfinished facilities. Our shop is equipped with TIG and MIG welders, lathe, press with a pressing force of 20 tonnes, compressed air compressor with a tank, pneumatic tools, a set of traverses, slings, belts, shackles, pumps, hydraulic lifts. The shop is well lit and additionally equipped with an electric power generator.

GTH 5021 telescopic handler

Maximum lifting capacity 7240 kg
Weight of the crane 12 900 kg
Width 2440 mm
Length 8560 mm
Height 2990 mm

Transport rollers

Transport rollers for machines are one of the basic tools used during relocations when it comes to handling very heavy loads, relocation of machines and devices from one sector to another. They are characterised by extreme durability and excellent technical parameters. They allow for secure transport of large-size items, provided that the size of transport rollers is suitable for a given handling operation.

A set for 6 tonnes- non-staining
A set for 12 tonnes- non-staining
A set for 18 tonnes- non-staining and made of steel
A set for 36 tonnes- non-staining and made of steel
A set for 50 tonnes- non-staining and made of steel
A set for 70 tonnes - made of steel
A set for 120 tonnes with own drive

Additional equipment

Hilti DD 130 drilling rig
Enerpack pumps with lifting capacity of 100 tonnes
Plane and cross-line laser levels
Precise machine levels

Our offer includes rental of machinery with an operator. We have many types of trucks with various lifting capacities.
If you need any, contact us at: wynajem[at]rugerexpo.com