Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


We store empty packaging during the trade fairs and other events. Apart from the trade fairs, storage services dedicated to our customers are available all year round. Warehousing specialists will always find a proper solution for a customer with special requirements. Depending on the needs, we offer various types of storage spaces, tailored to customer preferences. Warehouses for our customers are available all over Poland. Everything is always well-planned and adapted to the requirements of the equipment or goods to be stored. A warehouse may be a cold store, it may be monitored, provided with additional security or it may be a storage shed - we do our best to meet all requirements, even the smallest ones.


We provide the services of reloading from truck to truck and from truck to train. Such services may be rendered at the heart of Silesia, but also anywhere else - as individually agreed with the customer. The services are provided by qualified personnel with the use of suitable equipment. Each member of our staff has proper qualifications confirmed by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) to operate the respective equipment, and the equipment in question is always in good working order, because we regularly service our forklifts, trucks and other equipment. We can also rent a forklift or a hoist without an operator, if a customer needs one. We have forklifts with different load capacities, fork lengths and power supply. We are flexible and will adapt to customer requirements, whatever the case may be. We show up at the agreed rental locations in person to hand over the keys. We always give a short training on the device rental and operation rules. In case of any problems we are always at your disposal.


Marzena Mulawa
tel: +48 696 707 100
e-mail: m.mulawa[at]ruger.eu