Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


We specialise in professional solutions concerning machinery relocations, relocations of the entire production lines and industrial installations for each branch in Poland and Europe. In our long career, we have relocated machinery and exhibits from the dental, manufacturing, industrial, mining, construction, architectural, confectionery, food processing and many other industries. As the history of our projects shows, we have vast experience and we are able to adapt our activities to any branch, and relocation of machinery is possible at any conditions.

We move single machines, manufacturing lines or even the entire plants from one location to another. We will also ensure correct disassembly and disconnection of machines, as well as preparation and protection of machinery for transport. We are always perfectly prepared for transport - belts, shackles, chains, blocks, tarpaulins and foil are always at hand and in sufficient quantity. We relocate machines within an individual plant and - of course - between the plants. A team of experienced specialists will unload the machines, place them at their working positions and remove the transport locks. Professional equipment will allow us to level the machines with a tolerance of up to 0.02 mm and to anchor them. In many cases we use a professional laser in order to position the machines with the greatest precision possible. A certified fitter will connect power and pneumatics, limiting the need to engage your employees to a necessary minimum. Our team of specialists also includes an electrician - this is another argument in favour of using the services of our professionals. Our company may also take care of disassembly of machines and devices and their further scrapping. Disassembly of processing lines is something we are the best at! Because relocations of machines are our passion. We perform our tasks with commitment and dedication, and the effects are visible at the handover of completed works!

We have any specialist devices that may be required during machinery relocations: heavy forklifts, cranes and lifts, as well as platforms, transport rollers, hoists and other hydraulic equipment. In addition to professional workforce, we also provide proper equipment for relocations. It takes many hours to prepare an offer - each order and each machine differ, therefore the equipment selected for the service must be perfectly tailored to the machinery to be relocated.

Thanks to the cooperation with Ruger Expo you can minimise the involvement of your employees, fitters and engineers. By entrusting the entire logistics to our specialists you can be sure that the coordination of works is exemplary and the logistic process is both prompt and professional. We will plan every detail - from the first contact by phone to the final handshake as an expression of gratitude for model cooperation during relocation of your machinery!

Our relocation services are designed both for the producers and importers of industrial machines, as well as for the companies interested in industrial or factory relocations. Our services are not limited to any specific industry. As we have already mentioned - we are not afraid of challenges! Do you need to relocate a laser? A cryogenic chamber? Milling machine, lathe or a press brake? No matter what it is, we will face even the most demanding challenges!


Michał Marzec
tel: +48 533 099 634
e-mail: m.marzec[at]rugerexpo.com

Maciej Waliszewski
tel: +48 535 001 197
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