Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


RICHO Polska is a supplier of top quality machining services that meets the requirements of customers from power, automotive, food processing and other industries. We have modern machines and experienced personnel; therefore we are able to handle the most demanding orders.

Our machinery resources include three horizontal machining centres: the biggest with travel of 1300×650 and load bearing capacity of the table of 1200 kg, and equipped with an additional fourth axis and a powerful spindle drive with two-speed transmission. The main benefits of the remaining machines include: maximum spindle speed of 12,000 rpm and rigid roller guides. All centres have the cooling system through the spindle that is necessary mainly for deep boring operations, as well as measuring probes for the tool and workpiece.

In terms of turning, we have five CNC machines: three lathes with a flat bed, one with a slant bed as well as a CNC turning lathe with a diameter of turning of 1600 mm. The largest of our lathes is installed on a flat bed and has a passage above the bed of 760mm and the turning length of 1500 mm. In case of the remaining lathes these parameters are 570×500 and 460×500, respectively. The main advantage of the largest of our machines is the optimum characteristics of torque resulting from the use of a four speed automatic transmission in the spindle drive.

We also have a CNC boring machine with a 110mm spindle and travels of 1800x2000 mm as well as a 5-axis machining centre with the travels of 400x800mm and a diameter of workpiece up to 350mm. All our machines use Siemens or Fanuc control systems and drives. We use CAD/CAM systems to program the machining of very complex details.

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