Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


Relocation - Pol-Sver - Arcelor Mittal

Relocation of 18 t bender from Świętochłowice (Arcelor Mittal) to Rawa Mazowiecka (Arcelor Mittal) in cooperation with POL-SVER servicing provider.

Assembly of Hartford machine for SDA

Import of a 46 t Hartford milling machine (seller: APC Technologie) and its unloading, assembly and positioning - in cooperation with APX servicing team for SDA Sp. z o. o. in Wrocław.

Pol-Sver - Racks

Installation of 702 cm racks in the structure of a 685 cm high hall (vertically).

Transport and pilotage of a machine to customer

Removal of a steel crate, reducing the transport pallet by cutting with a torch. Positioning of Doosan machine at the steel plant in Cracow.

Unloading for Mazak company

Unloading and placing the Mazak Smooth machine in a narrow gate, as well as positioning and anchoring a 6300 kg machine.

Unloading two machines and metal sheet feeder from Trumpf

Unloading a press brake with pressing force of 400 t, positioning of a punching machine together with metal sheet feeder. Total weight of the entire set is almost 65 tonnes.

Relocation of a press brake

Relocation of a 28 t press brake to another place, preparing a foundation for new robot, positioning and levelling. Additionally - making all service connections for utilities.

Unloading and installation of a hydraulic press in Wroclaw

Service provided in the industrial facility in Wroclaw. Our job was to unload the press components from the means of transport and install a hydraulic press with a pressing force of 1000 tonnes. The heaviest item was over 56 tonnes! The press was 11,000 mm long, 6555 mm high and 4560 mm wide, and total weight of the machine was 180 tonnes. Installation was carried out in the course of normal operations of the production hall.

Placement of HARDFORD gantry

Placing a HARDFORD gantry through the roof. Our tasks included unloading the machine from the means of transport, positioning the base of the machine on its foundations, positioning the tools rack, connecting it to the machine body and placing the 20 t machine gate through the roof.

Placement of AUTOCLAVE

Placing of a 35 t AUTOCLAVE into a new meat processing plant, connecting the remaining machines and devices to it.

Relocation of DEFUM machine for RAFAKO S.A.

Performing geometry tests, disconnection of utilities, disassembling the spindle pillar, relocating the machine to a new place, machine assembling on the new foundations, positioning the pillar on the slide, machine installation, 1:1 representation, start-up.

Relocation at Ruber Sanok

Relocation of two LWB presses, 24 t each, to a new hall, positioning and anchoring them in the new place. A self-propelled Ormig TM 33 crane was used during this project.