Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


Mielec - dismantling, loading

Dismantling with loading of MMC 1500 machine tool weighing 22 tonnes in Mielec (UNIMET) for KOVOSVIT MAS.

Wrocław - unloading, installation

Unloading and installation of a 12,000 kg press brake and an 8000 kg bending machine in Wrocław.

Institute of Welding in Gliwice

Placing a 10,000 kg machine in the hall on a granite tile floor.

Unloading - Nakamura

Unloading two Nakamura Tome machines weighing 10,500 kg each. Each of the machines was placed at its destination - each at a different end of Poland.

Laser Trumatic 7000

Loading a Trumatic 7000 laser weighing 26 tonnes. Securing the machine for transport, transporting it to the new hall, setting it up at the place specified by the customer as well as anchoring and commissioning of the machine.

Unloading a 60 t machine tool

Unloading a 5-axis machine tool that arrived in 14 steel containers. The weight of the entire machine was 60 tonnes. Our tasks included unloading the machine base, inserting the machine head, transporting the machine to the target site, anchoring the machine with special chemical anchor and levelling it.

Laser unloading

Unloading a pipe laser cutting machine, setting it up at the designated location as well as putting the entire machine together and levelling it.

Assembly of rack together with Pol-sver

Mounting a rack along with removable cassettes to a sheet metal. Anchoring and commissioning was done with Pol-sver were performed together with Pol-sver.

Placing a VF11 machine

Our task was to dismantle the machine column, transfer the machine through the gate, position it in place, anchor it, level it and put the whole machine together. Commissioning was performed by Abplanalp.

Relocation of Dellner

Relocation of the entire production hall to a location 12 km away. The machines were taken out of the hall, loaded onto means of transport, secured with belts and then transported to the new hall in Chwaszczyno. After the transport, Ruger Expo staff removed the securing measures, unloaded the machines and unpacked all their components. The machines were put into the hall and prepared for positioning and assembly at their designated places. Our staff also prepared anchors for the machines.