Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


Ruger Expo sp. z o.o. provides relocation services of machines and the entire production lines, as well as professional support of exhibition stands at trade fairs. The branch in which we operate is developing very dynamically, resulting in continuously increasing demands. In order to meet these market demands we train our employees, acquire state-of-the-art equipment necessary for relocations of machines and expand the scope of our services. For comfort and safety of us and our customers we have insurance policy covering our activities. We treat the goods that are entrusted to us as our own property, so in every situation we do our best to properly secure and protect it. Relocation of machinery is defined as moving both individual machines and the entire processing lines, factories or manufacturing plants.

Trade fair services mean the services consisting in construction of a stand according to a presented project, unloading, loading of exhibits and any other items belonging to a customer, as well as storing them. Each order is supervised by a team of specialists and their professionalism, knowledge and experience will make you feel that you are in the right hands. Each step of cooperation with a customer is planned in details. Starting with a meeting, completing the paperwork, site visiting, pricing, provision of relocation service, ending with the acceptance of the work by the customer. Everything is arranged in a way that respects the time of our customers so that they can just wait for the results of our efforts. We are versatile, independent and immediately react to any contact from customers. We act in a comprehensive way when providing services - that is why the customers choose us. Heavy machinery combined with freight forwarding and transport are our speciality.

In short, our services include:
- relocations of machinery and entire production lines,
- handling and transport,
- disassembly, assembly of machines up to 150 tonnes,
- machinery cleaning and servicing,
- transport of oversize loads with the use of specialist equipment,
- unloading and positioning in accordance with the prepared layout,
- anchoring, positioning on the levellers,
- connecting and re-installing the power utilities,
- digital levelling to 0.02 mm,
- scrapping- de-installation of machines and devices,
- packing, transport protections (transport by land, by sea),
- services with mobile cranes up to 500 tonnes,
- unloading and loading of trade fair exhibits.