Ruger Expo. Machinery and industrial relocations


Relocations of machines and entire production lines are very demanding tasks that should be properly planned, prepared and carried out. Quite often the companies that have a need for services covering industrial relocations have no knowledge, equipment or capabilities to proceed with such a project on their own. This is where our company Ruger Expo will come to the aid and will take over any works associated with relocations of machinery and entire production lines. In short, all this difficult process will be handed over to specialists with many years of experience. Our services cover relocations of machines, devices and entire production lines, including disconnection of utilities, handling and transport of equipment and making new utility connections at target locations. Moreover, the scope of our activities includes taking power measurements and digital levelling, or even preparing a design of a new production hall. We have both vast experience and extensive, state-of-the-art technical resources with specialist equipment allowing us to undertake the most difficult orders with absolute safety ensured.

Relocation of machines and entire production lines is a process that needs to be thoroughly designed and requires specialist equipment and extensive experience. Industrial relocation of an entire plant should have no negative impact on the operation of a production plant, each activity must be carefully planned and synchronised with all other processes taking place during the order execution. This is why we are the right people for the job. We have proper qualifications, trained workers and immense experience that we use in practice every day when providing our services.

We will help you optimise the entire task in terms of time and cost. By using our services you get the appropriate level of safety and can be sure that the entire job will be finalised in accordance with best practice.


An on-site visit is required to check the scope of works associated with relocations of machinery and to recognise all the needs of our customer. Then we proceed to the design phase covering the entire process of machinery relocation, taking into account the necessary equipment, permissions for transport of large-size loads and conditions prevailing in the area of relocation. A schedule that is prepared covers all information associated with work organization, both the dates of delivery of equipment needed during the relocation and a step-by-step timetable of completion of individual tasks. Thanks to our experience, we are able to design layouts of machines and entire production lines, and - when required - we may adapt the machines to the dimensions of specific rooms or even rearrange the infrastructure that interferes in this process.

We begin with preparation of equipment needed for relocation of machines. The first step covers deinstallation of machines and disconnection of all utilities, such as electric energy, pneumatics, hydraulics. Machines are complicated devices, sometimes made of hundreds of thousands of parts, so all the tasks must be carried out with utmost care and precision. During machine disassembly a report is prepared with photographic documentation and a complete description of what was done with the machine; we secure both the individual components of the machine and the entire device. We have the vacuum packing devices and wrap the machines with a PVC foil for the duration of transport.

We transport customer’s industrial machines with our own means of transportation, therefore we are able to carry out the entire task in a smooth way, and machinery loading and unloading takes place in accordance with the initial schedule. As we have our own means of transportation and an experienced team, we were able to obtain category III permit to transport oversize loads. Our team includes licensed oversize load pilots that will chose the best route so that the machines are delivered to their destination at the shortest possible time, thus minimising any risks of damage.

After the machinery is on place, we proceed with unloading and installation. Unloading of machines is the first stage that ends the transport stage. Then the machines are positioned in accordance with the initial layout. After the machines are properly positioned, the stage of installation begins - connection of all utilities required for proper operation, switching on the power and starting the machines. The last task before the machines are handed over to the customers consists of the test of correct operation and geometry of the machine.

Ruger Expo not only relocates the machines, but also provides comprehensive support for trade fairs. In many cases the companies taking part in numerous trade fairs throughout Poland are not able to handle the construction of exhibition stands, loading and unloading of transported exhibits on their own. These items are usually heavy, therefore a suitable equipment is required, as well as a person to coordinate the entire process and some working force to arrange the exhibits in a proper way. And here we come again!

All the works associated with support at a trade fair may be carried out by just one company that is ready to be there for you in Poznan, Warsaw, Kielce or Sosnowiec. Moreover, Ruger Expo will ensure that all documents are signed, loads are secured and the company using our services gets the best advertising possible and thus gains more customers.

Go to "our equipment" tab to read about everything we use when relocating the machines:
- gate crane,
- transport rollers,
- specialist forklifts,
- telescopic loaders,
- aerial platforms,
- own transport of oversize loads and many others.

Our customer’s best interest is our best interest!

What makes us stand out?


We have been operating on the market since 2005. From year to year, we gain more and more experience, which helps us in the perfect implementation of all projects.


Our resources include many professional equipment necessary for the relocation of machines.


Our team includes electricians, welders, drivers, operators of forklifts, overhead cranes, cranes and specialists in occupational health and safety.


We have the necessary permits for the passage of non-standard vehicles, thanks to which we can move on public roads meeting the requirements in terms of dimensions, weight and axle loads.


The third party liability policy in the field of machinery relocation, trade fair forwarding and transport allows us to work in peace.


We provide comprehensive services for our clients, including transport, scrapping, warehousing and customs services.


On behalf of the exhibitor, we can operate at any fair facility in Poland. We strive to provide our fair services with the utmost care and commitment.


We have been carrying out work related to the relocation of machines for years. The experience we have gained allows us to provide the highest quality services.


Our clients can always count on a professional approach, honest handshake, help at any time during the execution of the order and professional advice of our employees.